Debris Bag / BAG-DEBRIS

Debris Bag / BAG-DEBRIS
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Debris Bag / BAG-DEBRIS

Have you ever ran across trash and debris while mowing. Of course you have!! So we either pick it up or kick it out of the way until we can get back to pick it up ... then we usually forget about it and end up running over it and causing a huge mess or sometimes even causing damage to our equipment. NOT ANY MORE!!

Instead of hanging a bag from your belt or pocket ... instead of trying to tie a bag to the handle of your mower, to have it fall off anyway and get sucked into your blades and cause a mess or get rapped up in your blades ... try one of our debris bags.

This Debris Bag simply attaches to the handles of your lawn equipment so you can pick up trash & debris as you mow. This unit can save you time and money ... not to mention aggrevation. Now you won't have to waste time by going back and picking up the trash & debris ... you won't have to clean it out of your mower in the middle of a job, and you won't have to worry about running over it a second time and causing damage to your equipment. Simply pick up the trash and place it in the bag conveniently. When your done mowing ... your done ... no going back to pick up a mess.

Trimmertrap: BAG-DEBRIS

Part Number:   BAG-DEBRIS
Your price: $19.76
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