Engine Identification 2

In order to obtain the correct replacement part(s), it is necessary to correctly identify the engine or piece of equipment. For replacement engine parts, the Model Number, Series or Type Number, and Serial Numbers are ALL needed. For equipment replacement parts, Model Numbers and Serial Numbers are needed to ensure proper replacement parts.

Locations for Engine Model Information:
• Stamped into the flywheel blower housing.
• Stamped into the crankcase above the oil filler cap.
• Stamped or printed on a tag located on the carburetor side of the blower housing.

Equipment model and serial number location:

These numbers are generally stamped into a metal tag which is attached to the main frame on the piece of equipment.

These are common locations. Please refer to the drawing for additional help in locating model information.

2.5 GX100, GXH50, G100K, GXH50, GXV50
3.5 GX110, G30, G35, GV35, G150
4.0 GX120, G40, G41, G42, GCV135, GV200
4.5 GC135
5.0 GCV160, GX140, GXV
5.5 GC160, GX160, GXV160
6.5 GX200, G65, GS65, G80, GXV200
8.0 GX240, G300, GXV240, GXV2400
9.0 GX270, GXV270
10 G400
11 GV400, GX340, GXV340
13 GX390, GXV390
18 (V-twin) GX610, GXV610
20 (V-twin) GX620, GXV620
24 (V-twin) GX670, GXV670
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