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We are looking for a Maxxam 150 Go-Kart that we can purchase, if you know someone, or have one for sale please could you send us an email via the contact us page. We are looking to spend no more then $ 500, it will not be used personally but as a display for parts.

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Brake Cables 13 Products
Brake Parts 6 Products
Connecting Links 14 Products
Handle Grips 2 Products
Key Stock 4 Products
Offset Link 14 Products
Pulley Clutches 6 Products
Roller Chain 11 Products
Sprockets 2 Products
Throttle Cables 6 Products
Torque Converters 2 Products
Air Filters 1 Products
Axles 124 Products
Go Kart Key Switch Assembly w. Key / 6.000.020 Go-Kart Electric Starter Motor M150-1064000 / 513-1059 Go-Kart Regulator Rectifier / 6.000.124
Part Number: 6.000.020
Suggested Retail: $25.95
Your price: $15.00
42% save
Part Number: 513-1059
Suggested Retail: $79.95
Your price: $49.95
38% save
Part Number: 6.000.124
Suggested Retail: $39.50
Your price: $24.95
37% save
Maxxam 150 Go Kart Gasket Set / 513-1001-SET Maxxam 150 Ignition Coil / 609-0010
Part Number: 513-1001-SET
Suggested Retail: $59.95
Your price: $39.95
33% save
Part Number: 609-0010
Suggested Retail: $29.95
Your price: $9.95
67% save
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