Zama OEM Fuel Pump Diaphragm 0015047 / 615-313

Zama OEM Fuel Pump Diaphragm 0015047 / 615-313
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Zama OEM Fuel Pump Diaphragm for Zama 0015047 / 615-313

Replaces OEM Part Numbers:
Zama Z0015047
Zama Z0015047A

Fits Models:
Zama C1M-140054D, C1M-140058A, C1M-140059A, C1M-140062B, C1M-200061A, C1M-EL28, C1M-EL28A, C1M-EL28B, C1M-EL35, C1M-EL37, C1M-EL37A, C1M-EL37B, C1M-EL40A, C1M-EL40B, C1M-EL40C, C1M-EL40D, C1M-EL40E, C1M-EL40G, C1M-EL40H, C1M-EL44, C1M-EL44A, C1M-EL44B, C1M-EL46, C1M-EL47, C1M-EL48, C1M-EL49, C1M-EL50, C1M-FR1, C1M-FR1A, C1M-FR1B, C1M-H57, C1M-H58, C1M-H58A, C1M-H58B, C1M-H58C, C1M-H58D, C1M-H58E, C1M-H65, C1M-K24B, C1M-K25B, C1M-K37D, C1M-K49A, C1M-K49B, C1M-K49C, C1M-K76, C1M-K77, C1M-S141, C1M-S141A, C1M-S141B, C1M-S141C, C1M-S141D, C1M-S141G, C1M-S142, C1M-S142A, C1M-S142B, C1M-S142C, C1M-S142D, C1M-S142G, C1M-S144, C1M-S144A, C1M-S144B, C1M-S144D, C1M-S145, C1M-S145A, C1M-S145B, C1M-S145C, C1M-S146, C1M-S146A, C1M-S146B, C1M-S146C, C1M-S151, C1M-S151A, C1M-S151B, C1M-S151D, C1M-W26, C1M-W26A, C1M-W26B, C1M-W26C, C1M-W26D and C1M-W47 carburetors

  • Ethanol: Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel
  • Packaging type: OEM package
Pack Size: 1

Part Number : 615-313
Part Number:   615-313
Your price: $2.18
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