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20K Axles
The OEM Parts Store carries a full line of 20000 pound, 20,000 lb., 20000lbs, 20k Dexter axles & Al-Ko or Alko trailer axles. Dexter trailer axles are the leader in the industry for durability, abuse handling, structural integrity and precision. Dexter backs there axle with a warranty like no other. The OEM Parts Store and can provide you with the dexter or alko / al-ko axles you need to keep your trailer and equipment working for you. Being that we are a wholesale or whole sale distributor of dexter axles, we are able to provide you with commerical pricing for your business or company. The OEM Parts Store can also drop ship, dropship your trailer parts and axles. Dropshipping or Drop Shipping is a great way to provide your customers with the parts they need, without having to stock thousands of dollars worth of axles or trailer parts. Contact us today to retain information about the dexter or alko, al-ko, al ko axles you need. If you have a large order, simply provide us with the part numbers and quanities you need and let us do the rest. If you would like The OEM Parts Store to provide continuos stock of inventory, we can also provide that service. Contact us today to purchase your 20,000 lb. dexter or alko axles.
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