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Dexter Trailer Axles

The Oem Parts Store is leading distributor of dexter axle products. We offer dexter axles, spindles, brakes, hubs, drums, bearings and hardware. These are the finest, most well known and used axles in the industry. Choosing the correct running gear is imparative to quality, durability and cost. Although dexter is the most popular trailer axle in the field, we can still provide fine quality at a great price. Whether you need a complete dexter axle kit or setup ... or just the beam, we have you covered. Choose from idler axles or axles complete with hydraulic or electric brakes, disk or drum, 4, 5, 6 or 8 lug hubs. When ordering a new dexter axle, be sure to have the following information avilable. You will need the over all length, hub face measurment, spring center and the weight capacity your needing. We can provide our customers with wholesale pricing on bulk ordering or multiple axle purchases. If you need help putting together the correct package or kit ... just contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Do you have a single, tandem, or triple axle trailer and need axles for it ... we can help. We carry everything you will need to keep your trailers on the road, working for you safely, efficiently, and cost efficient. Shop our online store for the maintenance items you need such as grease caps, seals, lug nuts, upgrade kits, brake lines, dexter attaching part kits, front and rear hangers, equilizers, nuts, bolts, cotter pins and other hardware.
Want a Quote on your Dexter Axle? Email us the Axle Serial Number located on the Axle Beam.
With the Serial Number we can get you an exact quote plus shipping, or pickup estimate
Please note most Axles need to be custom made by Dexter, normally Axle builds take about 3 weeks.
Any of the Dexter Axle's you see here online are built to the specifications you provide.
Need help with getting the specs, send us a message.
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