2 x Dexter 5200 Lb 4" Drop Axles Complete Kit 6 on 5.5", Electric / BACKORDERED NO STOCK !!!

2 x Dexter 5200 Lb 4" Drop Axles Complete Kit 6 on 5.5", Electric / BACKORDERED NO STOCK !!!
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Dexter 5200 Lb 4" Drop Axle Complete Tandem Kit 6 on 5.5", Electric  / BACKORDERED NO STOCK !!!

This is a Complete Tandem Axle Kit for Two 5200 LB axles with leaf springs, u-bolts,
and hangers.
This kit would be perfect for someone upgrading from 3500 lb axles. We hear it all the time and this kit would be your solution.


Includes 2 Complete Axles
Dexter 5200 LB 4" Drop Axle completely assembled
Includes 6 Lug 5.5" Bolt Pattern Hubs, Drums, and 12" x 2" Electric Brakes Nev-r-Adjust
EZ Lube version
Round Tubing: 3"OD .191" wall thickness

Included is an APT5 Tandem Axle Hanger Kit,
Hangers, Equalizers, Shackle Straps, Shackle Bolts, and Hex Lock Nuts.

Included are 2 Leaf Spring and U-Bolt Kits 2-PR5
4 x 25-1/4" Double Eye Leaf Springs 5 Leaf, 3000 LB Capacity each
8 U-bolts, 4 U-bolt plates, and 16 Hex Nuts.

Additional Information:
The Dexter Axle 6000 LB Regular Duty version is the 5200 LB axle capacity.
The 6000 LB Heavy Duty version is their 6000 LB axle capacity.
This kit is for their 5200 LB Regular Duty version. We will need your Hub Face, and Spring Center measurements.
Also we will need to know if your leaf spring seats are to be overslung, or underslung. Dexter will custom build these axles for you and ship them directly to you. Note, during Covid we cannot guarantee a specific lead time. Allow plenty of time for delivery.
Dexter Axles are not returnable, or exchangeable.
Shipping will cost $280 for the entire order.

Part Number: 60R655E-4D-EZ-KIT
Part Number:   60R655E-4D-EZ-KIT
Your price: $1,300.00
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