Carburetor Kit for Tecumseh 31394 / 520-304

Carburetor Kit for Tecumseh 31394 / 520-304
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Carburetor Kit for Tecumseh 31394 / 520-304

Replaces OEM Part Numbers:
Tecumseh 29155
Tecumseh 29157
Tecumseh 30359
Tecumseh 31390
Tecumseh 31394

Fits Models:
Clinton E65, A, H, V, VS100-1000, A200, AVS200-1000, K-J200, VS200-2000, A, J, VS300, VS3000, J350, A, AVS, BVS, CVS, VS400, AVS400-10000, VS400-10000, VS400-2000, 401-502, K-J500, 6K590, 700, B, C, D700-1000, K700-5000K K-J700, VS700, 800, A, V, VS1200, 1200-1000, 1200-2000, B1290, 2100, A, VS2100, A2100-1000, VS2100-1000, 3100, AFVAV, AVS, DFS, FV, VF, VS3100, 4100, VS4100, V5500, H, V6500, LMB, LME, LMG and LMV, with Walbro carburetors
Onan AK, AJ, LK, LMG, NH and NHC with Walbro carburetor
Tecumseh H22-H70, HH40-HH70, V40-V55, VH80, VH100, L series, LV series, LAV series and TV series (Walbro carburetors)
Walbro LME
Wisconsin TRA-10D and TRA-12D, with Walbro carburetor model LME

  • Ethanol: Not compatible with greater than 10% ethanol fuel
Additional Info:
Includes 485-888 Float Bowl Gasket

Pack Size: 1

Part Number : 520-304
MPN : 520-304
UPC : 023899061914
Part Number:   520-304
Your price: $20.81
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