3500 LB Alko Torsion Axle Beam Only U35

3500 LB Alko Torsion Axle Beam Only U35
Your price: $395.00
3500 LB Alko Torsion U35 Axle Beam Only
Specs need to be provided by you, or the serial number off the axle beam.
This is simply to purchase the Alko/Hayes trailer axle beam only and does not include
hubs or brakes.
U35 Alko/Hayes, 3500 Lb Axle Beam, spindles are always included.
Additional Information:
If you submit the information on your axle beam tag to us then most of the time
we can get the axle specifications off your serial number. We have to contact Alko
to get the specs for your serial number.
Alko/Hayes Axles are discontinued. Dexter has purchased ALKO Axle.
You will have to contact us for possible replacement options.
It currently takes on average 6 weeks to get an axle built and shipped to you.
Each Axle is custom built per the specifications provided by customers, or the serial numbers.
Axles can not be returned, exchanged, or orders may not be cancelled once placed.
Part Number: U35-Beam
MPN : U35-Beam
Part Number:   U35-Beam
Your price: $395.00
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