Air Filter for Toro 108-3814 / 102-073

Air Filter for Toro 108-3814 / 102-073
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Air Filter for Toro 108-3814 / 102-073

Replaces OEM Part Numbers:
Bobcat 6666375
CaseIH 1930587
CaseIH 222425A1
CaseIH 47128201
CaseIH 47135972
CaseIH 47135973
CaseIH 5080756
CaseIH 86982522
CaseIH 87418366
CaseIH 87704249
Caterpillar 1232367
Caterpillar 123-2367
Caterpillar 1547108
Caterpillar 154-7108
Caterpillar 2310167
Caterpillar 231-0167
Deutz P772579
Fendt 3540046M1
Fiat 1930587
Ford/New Holland 1463898
Ford/New Holland 1475840
Ford/New Holland 1930587
Ford/New Holland 1931160
Ford/New Holland 222425A1
Ford/New Holland 335196A1
Ford/New Holland 420539A1
Ford/New Holland 47128154
Ford/New Holland 47128201
Ford/New Holland 47135972
Ford/New Holland 47135973
Ford/New Holland 47135974
Ford/New Holland 47821136
Ford/New Holland 5080756
Ford/New Holland 72180341
Ford/New Holland 73316793
Ford/New Holland 73316808
Ford/New Holland 73316811
Ford/New Holland 73316957
Ford/New Holland 73317333
Ford/New Holland 73317337
Ford/New Holland 8110002
Ford/New Holland 8110007
Ford/New Holland 8209028
Ford/New Holland 84087201
Ford/New Holland 84170876
Ford/New Holland 84354574
Ford/New Holland 85805662
Ford/New Holland 85811490
Ford/New Holland 86982522
Ford/New Holland 87621060
Ford/New Holland 87621715
Ford/New Holland 87621719
Ford/New Holland 87704249
Ford/New Holland 87790296
Ford/New Holland 87791058
Ford/New Holland 9971303
Ford/New Holland B508251
Ford/New Holland P772579
Ford/New Holland YT11P00009S002
Grove 9304100190
JCB 32/919001
John Deere AP3330
John Deere AP33330
John Deere KV16428
John Deere PE71011292
Komatsu 122935-12520
Komatsu 129935-12520
Komatsu 42U-01-H0P02
Kubota 3F750-11220
Kubota 59800-26110
Landini P772579
Massey Ferguson 26510337
Massey Ferguson 3540046M1
Massey Ferguson 3540046-M1
McCormick 3540046M1
Same 1020950
Toro 108-3814
Volvo 11711497

Fits Models:
Bobcat 337, 337D, 337G, 341 341D, 341G, 435, 435ZHS, E45 and E50 Excavator; 8300 Turbo Loader; 863, 863G, 863H, 864G, 873, 873G, 883G and S250 Skid Steer; A220 and A300 Loader; T200, T300 Compact Track Loader and 873H Loader
Case 121E Loader, 420CT Compact Track Loader, 445CT Compact Track Loader, 445T/M2 Eng, 580M Series 2 Indust/Const, JX1075C, JX55, JX65, JX75, JX85, 1840, 1845C, 40XT, 420CT, 445CT, 40XT, 580M Series II, 60XT, 70XT, 75XT, 85XT, 1840 and 1845 Loaders, 410, 420, 430, 435, 440 and 445 Skid Steers
Caterpillar 216B Series II, 226B Series II, 232B Series II, 242B Series II Skid Steers; 247B Series II and 257B Series II Compact Track Loaders; 3054, 3054C and C4.4 Engine, and 24H Motor Grader
Ditchwitch JT1720, JT2720 and JT4020 Jet Trac Boring Systems and RT75 Trencher
Genie S100, S105, S120 and S125
John Deere 240, 250, 270, 317, 320, 322CTL and 325 Skid Steer Loaders, 80 and 85D Excavators, 1600 Turbo, 1600 Turbo Series II, 4120, 4320, 4520, 4720, 5105 and 5205 Tractors, 3029D, 3029T and 3209D engines
Kubota L4740-1, L4740C-1, L4740GST-1, L4740HST-1, L5040GST-1, L5240-1, L5240C-1, L5240HST-1, L5240HSTC-1, L5740-1, L5740C-1, L5740HST-1, L5740HSTC-1, M5040DT, M5040DTC, M5040F, M5040FC, M5040HD, M5040HDC, M5400, M59TLB, M6040, M6040DT, M6040DTH, M6040HDNB, M6800, M6800DT, M6800HDC, M6800HDF, M6800S, M6800SC, M6800SDC, M6800SDF, M6800SDT, M6800SF, M7040, M7040DT, M7040DTH and 14000 Crane
Kubota KX080-3, KX080-3T and KX080-4 Excavator, SQ3350-USA-SW Generator, SSV65, SSV65C, SSV65PC, SSV75, SSV75C and SSV75PC Skid Steer, SVL75, SVL75-2, SVL75-2C and SVL75C Compact Track Loader, M59 Indust/Const, L4740GST, L4740HST, L4740HSTC, L5040GST, L5240HST, L5240HSTC, L5740HST, L5740HSTC, M5040DT, M5040DT1, M5040DTC, M5040DTC1, M5040F, M5040F1, M5040FC, M5040FC1, M5040HD, M5040HD1, M5040HDC, M5040HDC1, M6040DT, M6040DT1, M6040DTC, M6040DTC1, M6040F, M6040F1, M6040FC, M6040FC1, M6040HD, M6040HD1, M6040HDC, M6040HDC1, M6040HDNB, M6040HDNB1, M6060HD, M6060HDC, M6060HFC, M6800, M6800DT, M6800HD, M6800HDC, M6800S, M6800SC, M6800SDT, M6800SDTC, M7040DT, M7040DT1, M7040DTC, M7040DTC1, M7040F, M7040F1, M7040FC, M7040FC1, M7040HD, M7040HD1, M7040HDC, M7040HDC1, M7040HDCLTD, M7040HDNB, M7040HDNB1, M7040HDNBC, M7040SU, M7040SUD, M7040SUH, M7040SUHD, M7060HD, M7060HD12, M7060HDC, M7060HDC12, M7060HFC
Massey Ferguson 2210, 2220, 2225, 2230, 393, 394FQ, 394GE and 394SQ
New Holland C185 Compact Track Loader, HW300 Windrower, L180, L185, L190, LS180.B, LS185.B and LS190.B Skid Steer; LW50, LW50B and LW80 Wheel Loader, TK100A, TK76, TK80A, TK80MA Crawler, TK85, TK85M and TK90A Crawler, LB75 and U80 Indust/Const, TT75AW50BTC and W80BTC Tool Carrier, 4430, 4835, 5530, 5635, T4020, T403; T4030 Deluxe, TD60D, TD75D, TD80D, TL70, TL80, TN55, TN55D, TN55S, TN60A, TN60DA, TN60SA, TN60VA, TN65, TN65D, TN65F, TN65S, TN65V, TN70, TN70A, TN70D, TN70DA, TN70F, TN70S, TN70SA, TN75, TN75A, TN75D, TN75DA, TN75F, TN75FA, TN75S, TN75SA, TN75V, TN75VA, TN80F, TN85FA, TN90, TN90D, TN90S, TT60A
Toro Reelmaster 7000D, Groundsmaster 4000D and 4100D, 2004 and newer and Groundsmaster 4500D and 4700D, 2004 and newer
Vermeer D24x40 Navigator and CX254

  • Height: 13"
  • ID: 3-1/4"
  • OD: 5-1/2"
Additional Info:
Use With 102-077 Inner Air Filter

Replaces Competitors Part Numbers:
Baldwin RS4578, Baldwin RS3542, Donaldson P827653, Champ Labs LAF8148, Fil Filter HP2595, Sunbelt B1AF178, Atlantic Quality Parts AF8650, Atlantic Quality Parts AF3317, Fleetguard AF25588, Fleetguard AF25555, Fleetguard AF25526, Fleetguard AF25291, JThomas AF-0552, Sunbelt A-B1AF178, Napa 7-083238, Wix 55-16-11, Wix 46671, Wix 46652, Oregon 30-253

Pack Size: 1

Part Number: 102-073
MPN : 102-073
UPC : 023899411191
Part Number:   102-073
Your price: $21.08

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