How to Select Electric Brakes & Brake Parts
A Few Things To Keep In Mind:

1. To determine the right or left side brake assembly, position the brake with the magnet at the bottom. On electric brakes, the actuating arm will always curve from the pivot pin to the magnet, toward the left for left hand brakes and toward the right for right hand brakes. (See the illustration.)

2. When ordering your brake assembly or brake replacement part, always use both the part number and the reference number. Both are necessary to insure prompt and correct filling of your order.

3. Sometimes the easiest, most economical way to repair a brake is to replace the complete assembly. By removing wires and a few nuts and bolts, you have all new parts, saving time, trouble and expense.

4. Whether you choose to replace the entire brake assembly, only individual parts in need of repair, or need new brakes to build a trailer--We have what you need to do the job right! We are just a telephone call away.

Selecting Electric Brake Parts:

1. Determine the size of your brake.

   A. Measure the diameter of the mounted brake shoe.

   B. Measure the width of the lining


2. Determine the manufacturer of your brake.  

   A. Select the brake you have by looking at the key identification points shown in the drawing.

   B. Check the electric brake chart for your brake and the part you need. Further identification may be made by referring to the exploded drawings and magnet photos of each brake.
3. Select the part you need.
Though many parts are shown, we carry only the replacement parts numbered. The words “Parts Only” indicate that complete brake assemblies are not available.

Using The Electric Brake Chart:

1. Find the picture that matches the assembly or the part you need.

2. The part and reference numbers are just below the picture of your assembly or part. Part and reference numbers are placed beside the photo of individual replacement parts. Use them to order what you need.

3. Double check your part against its listing in the pages which show the exploded drawings, assembly and magnet photographs.

4. Call or fax your order to us.

Reasons Why Brake Hardware Should Be Replaced:

1. Worn, weak return springs will cause the brake linings to drag against the drum and cause premature

brake failure.

2. Hold-down springs will lose their tension and allow the brake shoes to wobble or ride up against the face

of the brake drum, causing premature lining failure.

3. A frozen adjusting screw will not allow shoes to be adjusted properly.

4. Rubber dust plugs will crack with age and allow dirt to contaminate linings. (Not shown.)

5. A stretched self-adjusting cable prevents the self-adjusting lever from properly aligning the shoes. (Not shown or illustrated.)

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