How to Sharpen your Lawn Mower Blade

How to choose the best mower blade for your lawn type
Most lawnmower blades depend of the lawn mower. If we have a lawnmower that needs special kind of blades, first we need to know the product id of our lawnmower, as well as the brand name, John deere, Murray, Husqvarna, Honda and so on.
There are so many kind of mower blades to provide all products for all manufacturers. Basically, a long measure of the blade is important, this will be afterwards what do the job, and then what decides how size be the grass mowed.

That measure depends from the type of lawnmower. It can be taken, as a diameter or as radius, from the center hole. If we have a small walk-behind mower, which needs for example 18-7/16" long, it could not use 19-6/17Ē to work properly.

As well as long measure for blades, the thick is also a very important issue to have in mind before choose the blade that better matches your grass. If we have a lawnmower for cutting the grass, and we do know what kind of grass we will cut, then there must be special blades to cut heavy grasses, which will be wider than other ones though and manufactured to not so heavy grass.

An example is from Honda mower blades. This blade measures 18-7/16" Long with a .831" Center hole and a .416 diam. hole on each side of the center hole that are 3-7/16" apart center to center. It is 2-1/4" Wide and is .150 Thick (approx. 5/32" ). It has Standard Lift. These blades fit into Honda 19" Cut Walk-behind Models HR-194.

How To Sharpen Your Lawn Mower Blade
Wear Eye Protection, before starting the sharpening procedure

1. Be sure to disconnect all the power sources before begin with the process. In case that your lawn mower was a battery powered one, then remove the battery or batteries, depending on the model. Check twice that all the power controls are off to avoid an accidental engine start.
2. The second step will be finished as soon as you remove the blades totally from the mower. You might need external help to achieve it, using a couple of spanners may help a lot, however be sure that it doesnít slip. BE careful while doing this, because itís easy to cut yourself whether the spanner slips.
3. Once the blades are out of the mower, you need the number them in order to fit them back later.
4. Fix a blade in a stable holding or a vice to work easily.
5. The sharpen process begins here. You will need a grinder or file for it. Make sure to follow the bladeís contour and sharpen it to your convenience. Sharpen all blades using the same sharpened to a perfect later cutting grass.
6. Time to refit the blades along. Make sure to do it along with balancing, if it exists any.
7. There is an option of sharpen blades without removing them from the mower, however itís uncomfortable as well as more difficult. You will also need a flexible shaft angle grinder to a perfect sharpened, which will save you time.
8. The last step is the blade balance checking. To carry the blades balancing you need a balancer. A clue to find whether or not the blades are correctly refitted, is checking if the mower vibrates, if so then blades are not well balanced.
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