Champion Spark Plugs
The OEM Parts Store brings you Champion Spark Plugs
A Federal-Mogul product, represents the world's most complete line of standard and premium plugs for automotive, marine and small-engine applications.
The OEM Parts Store offers the worlds most well known spark plugs and resistor plugs, Whether you need a plug  for lawn mower applications, chainsaws, generators, tillers, lawn mowers, tractors, snowthrowers and more. We offer CJ14, CJ8, J8C, J19LM, DJ8J, CJ7Y, DJ7J, H10C, RJ12C, RC12YC, CJ6, CJ6Y, CJ7Y, CJ8Y, CJ14, DJ6J, DJ7J, DJ7Y, D21, F121501 / 11557 OR HA3012 / M10962-2, H10C, J6C, J8C, L86C, N4C, N9YC, N11YC, N12YC, QC12YC CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS AND PLUGS. ALSO AVAILABLE ARE OUR QJ19LM, RCJ6Y, RCJ7Y, RCJ8, RCJ8Y, RC14YC, RDJ747, RDZ19H, RH10C, RH18Y, RJ12C, RJ18YC, RL95YC, RN4C, RN9YC, RN11YC4, RS14YC, RS17YX, RV15YC4, RV17YC, CJ14, CJ8Y/848S, J8C, N11YC, RJ12C, RC12YC Champion Spark Plug for most lawnmower and small engine applications. Change your Champion Spark Plug regularly for maximum performance. We can provide wholesale pricing for bulk order. If you own a business, you won't find a lower price for your shop or store. We love to price compete with other companies. Simply gather our competitors prices and we will verify and beat their pricing.
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