3500 LB Alko Torsion Axle w. Electric Brakes, 545, U35

3500 LB Alko Torsion Axle w. Electric Brakes, 545, U35
Your price: $550.00
3500 LB Alko Torsion Axle with Hubs/Drums, Electric Brakes, 545, U35
Specs need to be provided by you, or the serial number off the axle beam.
Capacity: 3500 LB, U35 Al-ko/Hayes Axle
Bolt Pattern: 5 on 4.5"
Hubs/Drums Included
Electric Brakes Included
Ultra Lube Option Included
Specs we will need from you, and the serial numbers:
Hub Face to Hub face: "
Outside Mounting Bracket to Outside Mounting Bracket: "
Torsion Arm Angle Degrees:
High or Low Profile Brackets:
Standard or Reverse Brackets:
Stud Size:
What type of components, idler, electric brake, hyd?
Additional Information:
If you submit the information on your axle beam tag to us then most of the time
we can get the axle specifications off your serial number. We have to contact Alko
to get the specs for your serial number. Final amount may vary depending on specifications.
Regardless, we will need you to measure to confirm.
Alko/Hayes Axles take two weeks to build. It takes one week to get the axle order shipped to you. Each Axle is custom built per the specifications provided by customers, or the serial numbers. So please allow 2 to 3 weeks for your axle order to be delivered.
Axles can not be picked up. Axles can not be returned, exchanged, or orders may not be cancelled once placed. Shipping costs are estimated based on averages, no shipping costs are final until we have received the freight bill.

Very Important

Alko was recently bought out by Dexter since then they have phased out AL-KO axles to replace with Dexter Axles.
This axle can be replaced with a Dexter 10TF35-545E-EZ as long as your replacing both axles on your trailer. The Torsion Arm Degrees and or brackets wont match up if you do one and not the other.
On single axle trailers that is not an issue.

Part Number: U35CEB545
MPN : U35CEB545
Part Number:   U35CEB545
Your price: $550.00
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